Regional Youth Initiative for Football Development in Baltic`s July Update

Photo: Baltic Footballschool / Youngsters filling questionary
Following the RYFDB meeting in May that project partners organised a month ahead of the project schedule, a unanimous decision was made to extend the questionnaire response window. Reason for such action was the insufficient number of responses received that prevented to objectively analyse the situation in Baltic States. Given the fact that it was the end of the school year project partners adjusted to the circumstances and decided to keep the response window open for another month and a half.

As of now all the responses have been collected, assessed and knowledge gaps identified thus concluding the preparatory phase of the project. The outcome of analysis confirms that kids who participate in football from all Baltic States have a good level of understanding in the following topic – health & sleep. However, on the opposite end of spectrum there are knowledge gaps in the following topics – injury prevention, safety and nutrition.

The identified knowledge gaps will act as the key focus in the implementation phase of the project where a road map with suggestions on how and what additional training and other aspects to improve existing training methodology to prevent health and safety hazards during the training process and competitions will be developed.