REACT Project Concludes

With a final conference in Valmiera, Latvia on 26.08.2021, the Regional Coach Training (REACT)
project has successfully finished. Following the coach seminar in Elva at the middle of August, we
have presented the digital platform designed for the coach education, named pro. This digital tool will act as a platform where all the regional football coaches will be able to learn and gain knowledge around sports-specific and health-related topics. The platform will act as a depository of knowledge where seminars, interviews, masterclasses, and other valuable material will be stored. Everyone who is keen to learn will be able to access the platform for free and not only consume the hours of content but also engage in discussions with other professionals to further shape the understanding and exchange best practice examples.

In the attendance at the event in Valmiera there were some industry expert guests. One of them
was Pavel Cherednichenko who is one of the most promising youth coaches in the most successful
Ukrainian football club Dynamo Kyiv academy setup. Following the event here`s what he had to say:
“I think these people have managed to develop a unique project. It`s something I`ve never seen
before in our industry and I`m certain this tool can help many of the coaches not only within the
Baltic region but in the broader world.”

Given the positive feedback, we are planning to build on our existing relationship with Dynamo Kyiv
from other successful projects and progress the talks for this huge club to become a partner and
expert in utilizing the platform. Implementing the into the day to day activities of this
successful football academy will further enhance the development and as a result all the potential
users would benefit from the improvements in this digital tool.

Furthermore, a member from Latvian Football Federation`s coach education sector Kirils Buravcevs
touched on the importance of education in the regions as key for the improvement of football and
praised the efforts of REACT project partners by saying: “Your initiative to develop this platform is a
great step in the right direction and we appreciate the efforts and results that this project has

Going forwards the project partners Baltic Football School, FC Elva, Siauliai FA and Valmiera FC will
continuously provide new material on the pro platform for others to learn from, which
will focus on training methodology and various exercise sets on injury prevention and posture
improvement with the aim of minimising the injury risk in athletes. To access the platform, all you
have to do is click on the following link and follow the onboarding process
to register and start improving your professional know-how.

Finally, we would like to thank all the people who were involved in this project either directly or
indirectly and to European Union Erasmus+ Programme for providing the opportunities for such
projects to see the light of day. We believe this project is just the beginning as more work needs to
be done to improve the broader understanding of the importance of health in youth athlete

development and our hope is that our project can act as a motivation for others to get on board and
steer the ship in the right direction to improve this beautiful game that we all love.