FC Elva hired new Sporting Director Stefan Ristic as first international employee

Marek Naaris FC Elva CEO and Stefan Ristic as a new Sporting Director / Foto: FC Elva 

The club and Stefan made 2 years agreement to work on structure, culture and coaching the coaches, scouting and individual players development as main objectives.

“Before I made my decision to join FC Elva, I visited a place and academy and I saw so many good things but also a space for improving. I am really surprised how one academy in this kind of small community can run on the great way as FC Elva and I made decision to be part of this. FC Elva is on the right way and I will give my best to help for a better tomorrow for FC Elva”, says Stefan Ristic. 

Marek Naaris: “We have looked for Sporting Director position for a many years, for a person who can see e difference and help as to improve in the possible way for our community and environment. We have come a long way to this point where we are in the moment and we believe that Stefan can share with us his knowledge and bring FC Elva to the next level about the structure and work ethic”.