ERASMUS + RYFDB product Minute Coach

Minute Coach was created to make learning more accessible, flexible and fun.

It gives an opportunity to kids, their parents and coaches from anywhere in the world to access elite level knowledge about nutrition, injury prevention and safety in a friendly environment. This in the process saves them the time, energy and resources associated with acquiring this knowledge elsewhere.

Additionally, offers kids an opportunity to take part in a weekly challenges presented by professional football players in which they can compete against players from all over
the world. They practice, get better, socialize and learn from others, get an evaluation and recommendation from top European coaches and has something outside of general training sessions to do in order to improve their game.

It is especially important at the time of uncertainty as it is now with COVID-19 as our daily routines are limited and more restricted than before.

By offering opportunities for anyone to participate, socialize and consume the websites content, we encourage all to take their mind away from all the negativity and instead focus on practicing new skills from their own homes or gardens, creating new friendships and having fun whilst also improving their football abilities and knowledge. 

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Kristaps Kazaks
Baltic Football School